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We only use 100% human hair (Virgin). Secret Kreations hair will need to be cared for properly with good products. We can not recommend products because each hair will perform differently because of different textures. Please do not expect "perfect hair that won't tangle or shed some" There is NO ONE with hair that does not tangle or shed some. Hair extensions and wig hair are no longer attached to the scalp to get nourished, so it is up to you to keep the hair alive and thriving! 



  • What makes Secret Kreations wigs different?
    Secret Kreations wigs are unique because each wig comes Pre-Styled to look natural. Each wig gets hands-on attention to create a realistic look. Hairlines are customized, Knots are bleached, and each wig is washed and styled before shipment. We do the extra things, so you won't have to. While perfection is impossible, Secret Kreations appreciate your business and support and works hard to bring quality & natural-looking wigs to you.
  • Why are some caps & wig styles limited or not available?
    Due to Covid 19, there is a shortage of wig supplies in the hair industry. This means it is not easy to access wig-making materials and can limit sells on certain wig styles. We apologize for this and look forward to bringing NEW techniques with each restock.
  • When will your wig ship? Where are you Located?
    We are located within the United States! All wigs are customized, washed, and styled before being shipped. Each wig has different processing and shipping times. Please read the shipping information under the wig you want to purchase. Secret Kreations do not ship on weekends or holidays. There may be situations that could cause delays in your order. In this case, we will email you with a new ship date.
  • How do I order a wig?
    WE EMAIL ALL PRE-ORDER DATES TO OUR WEBSITE SUBSCRIBERS! Because each wig is customized, orders on all wigs are taken monthly. Thank you for your patience and understanding. When wigs/ hair extensions are available, you can purchase them right from this website. Just add to your cart. Because of the high demand for our products, there may be times the site is out of stock. We encourage you to sign up on the website by entering your email for future restock alerts. WE NO LONGER ACCEPT WAITLIST ORDERS OR SPECIAL ORDERS. We only offer styles that are shown. However, we add new wig styles often, so check back each month. If you miss the pre-order, we encourage you to sign up on the website to get emails from Secret Kreations. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please read our return policy.
  • How do I sign up for emails for future pre-order dates?
    Please enter your email in the "Sign up for emails box" located on the homepage of our site. If you signed up before May 2018, you might need to sign up again to get future alerts because we recently updated our server. We do not spam our clients and send emails occasionally. PLEASE NOTE: JOINING AS A MEMBER IS NOT SIGNING UP FOR EMAILS. YOU WILL STILL NEED TO DO THE STEP MENTIONED ABOVE.
  • Why Cant I log in "Guest Area"?"
    When you see this screen, do not be alarmed! Your member password will not unlock this page because it is for our use only! Secret Kreations will close down certain site areas for maintenance or restock. You can still access your member account by logging into the website.
  • How do I become a site member?
    Becoming a Secret Kreations member is easy. Go to the top of our home page to become a member click "Log in" or "Sign up.” Once you have signed up, you will have access to your profile to save your shipping information for faster checkout and review past orders. This service is new, so any orders placed before May 2018 will not show on your profile even if you were already a member. Previous members can log in and set up their profiles.
  • If a wigs are sold out can I be put on a waitlist?
    Please sign up on the website to get emails for restocks of our products.
  • Custom Hairline Wigs or Pre-Plucked Hairline?
    Our wigs now come in Custom Hairline Wigs or Pre-Plucked wigs. This is to give the buyer a choice between a more affordable wig style and some benefits. Or to get the Full Secret Kreations experience. Custom Hairline Wigs come with a hairline that our stylist customizes along with a more undetectable lace and our signature bleached knots. The wig is also styled precisely like the picture shows and ready to wear out the box. Pre-Plucked Wigs have a normal hairline; however, they still come with bleached knots, and the hair is styled. The lace is not undetectable but will work well for a great wig install. By purchasing you agree to Secret Kreations Terms/Returns policy
  • What if I need a wig for medical reasons?
    We do not make medical lace wigs.
  • Can I make a return on a wig purchased?
    Please read our full Return Policy
  • When are wigs available to purchase?
    Wigs are available for purchase anytime they are in stock on the website. If a wig is out of stock, please use the "Notify Me When Available" feature on the product page.
  • Why does everything say "SOLD OUT"?"
    While we try our best to keep wigs in stock, we can not control their popularity. The best way to know when wigs will release is to sign up for email alerts and follow @SecretKreationsWigs on Instagram.
  • Can I order a wig customized to my needs?
  • What are the size of your wig caps?
    All wigs come in an average wig size. Please see our Custom Wig for more cap options. This chart only applies to Full lace wigs, lace wigs, 360 Lace wigs. We do not guarantee an exact head fit unless we measure your head in person. All 360 frontal wigs are made with a 21-22.5 inch circumference. Our lace frontals are 13x4 or 13x6 in length. To get your head circumference, you should only measure with a soft measuring tape using inches. See this chart on sizes and the correct way to measure.
  • What is the quality of the hair?
    Secret Kreations uses high-quality virgin hair. Our colored or processed wigs will slightly deplete in quality due to the hair being chemically altered. However, we still control the quality and inspect to ensure quality before shipping. There is NO WAY to prove how well someone will care for their wigs/hair extensions, so we can not guarantee how long your wig/hair extensions will last. Please read out terms/return policy
  • If a wig is sold out will that wig come back instock?
    Certain styles may return. We will restock with new styles often. Make sure to sign up for our emails so you won't miss out on these new styles.
  • Will my wig come styled like the pictures?
    ABSOLUTELY! Please know that each wig will have slight differences from the picture so exact results may vary. Please read our terms/return policy
  • Are these wigs human hair?
    Yes! Secret Kreations only sale 100% Virgin human hair wigs.
  • Will all wigs on the site have custom hairlines?
    Wigs in our "Custom Hairline Collection" will have custom hairlines. Please read description for each wig.
  • What is the cap construction?
    Please read the description of the wig to know what cap construction is offered.
  • Can the hair on these wigs be color treated?
    Yes! However, We sell our wigs in the natural hair color because the hair is the healthiest when un-altered. Because lightening/coloring your wigs will dry it out and cause damage, we do not recommend lightening and do not take responsibility for any quality depletion after being colored treated.
  • Do these wigs have to be glued down?
    Secret Kreations wigs also come with combs and adjustable straps. This means you have the option to glue down the lace or use the comb attachments and straps for a glueless chance.
  • I'm a beginner... How do I attach my wig and care for it?
    Because lace wigs are an investment, we recommend researching lace wigs before purchasing one. This will prevent you from being disappointed due to not knowing how to care for the wig properly. Our wigs come customized and ready to wear, but you must know how to care for them to make them last.
  • Which wigs can be pulled up into high ponytails?
    All of our full lace wigs or 360 lace wigs can be pulled into a high ponytail.
  • Will my wig shed?
    All hair sheds, even your natural hair. We can not promise that your wig will not shed some, as it depends on your care and gentleness of the consumer. All our wigs are tested before selling to ensure that there won't be massive shedding. Curly and Kinky textures will shed a little more than straight and wavy. Please read our terms/return policy
  • What is knot bleaching and knots?
    Knots are where the hair is tied onto the lace cap. When you get lace wigs or frontals from other companies you will notice them on the lace which can make it obvious that you are wearing a wig. When your knots is properly bleached 90- 95% off all the knots on the lace cap will become invisible. This results is a natural scalp look. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND RE-BLEACHING OUR WIGS DUE THEM ALREADY BEING FULLY BLEACHED! Over bleaching can cause shedding! Please read specs on each wig to. see how much of the knots we bleach on the cap.
  • Can I send a wig from another company to be customized?
    Currently we do not customize any wigs other than our own.
  • What is the density & lengths of your wigs?
    Please read the description under each wig.
  • Do Secret Kreations offer payment plans?
    We are working to bring more payment options in the future.
  • Can I place an order thru email?
    All orders should be are made through
  • What if I don't like my wig/hair extensions?
    We hope that you love your purchase! If you are unhappy email us BEFORE altering the wig and removing tags and we can help. Please read all descriptions and view pictures BEFORE you purchase. Also read our Return Policy.
  • How can I get discounts for future purchases?
    You can get discounts by sending us pictures wearing our wigs, signing up for emails for special sales, and our loyalty program! Secret Kreations keeps track of each purchase. Once you have spent a certain amount with us, we will send you an exclusive discount code good on your next wig purchase. Please be sure to purchase with the same email with each purchase. Also, sign up on the website to get occasional discounts on your email.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    At this moment we only ship within the United States.
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