Order Process & About Our Wigs

Each process is different but this is our example.



We understand a New wig can be exciting!! We are very excited for you to receive your wig too! However, we want to be very transparent and honest. We know not everyone will understand certain things about their wigs. We have put together a list of Things that are expected of your S.K. Lace wig that is common on most wigs.



  1. Your wig will have bleached knots. The bleaching process to the knots will be done ONLY ONCE to prevent quality depletion of the hair. In this case, you may notice some knots that did not bleach. THIS IS NORMAL. It is hard to get every knot without over-doing the bleach process. You may notice some strands may have a half-inch at the roots lightened from this process. When bleaching knots we take steps to prevent this. However, it is almost impossible to avoid this. We do apologize in advance. Tip: A little hair dye to the hair at the area effected can correct this. If it bothers you please send it to us to touch up the area for you.




2. Our Natural 1B hair is NOT COLORED in anyway. Virgin hair depending on the age of the Donor can have a few gray strands. We have never notice more than 2 strands. Don’t be alarmed if you find one, it is common in Virgin Human Hair. 








3. WE DO NOT TWEEZE hairlines on our wig. Our PRE-PLUCKED custom hairlines are created when the wig is made.









4. Your wig is washed, conditioned and styled prior to shipment. At this time the wig is also inspected for quality. Due to the wig being styled with styling products like hair mousse, hair sprays etc. there is a possibility there will be product residue on the hair or lace. We try our best to prevent this. Please know that water will wash out any residue from styling products and it is not a concern.









5. Short hair strands “fly-a-ways”. Each hair strand is tied into the lace cap with a knot. This leaves strands of short hairs. Unfortunately, this can not be prevented and is in most wigs. Applying hair mousse to the hair can temporarily fix this. 







How Long will your wig last? 1 year with good care. However honestly, we can not know this. Each person cares for hair differently. From our experience, NEW wig wearers wigs will last a shorter time compared to someone who is a long term experienced wig wearer. It also depends on the lifestyle of the wig wearer too. 

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Thank you for choosing to let Secret Kreations beautify your look! For all pre-order wigs there is a 4-6 week production wait. This is because all wigs are made per-order.  We also want to ensure each wig is properly inspected, customized, and ready to wear before shipped. All wigs will be washed and styled as seen in the picture so it can come to you ready to wear!  Please read details for each wig before purchasing to know what your wig will or will not come with.



Pre-Order wigs take longer because they are only made once you place your order with us. These styles are considered our "regulars". We bring pre-order wigs back with every sale.


While perfection and meeting everyone needs is impossible we can ensure lots of time goes into each wig to make sure your experience is a great one. Each wig is sent out in excellent condition and your care after purchasing will determine the lifespan of your wig/ hair extensions. Secret Kreations is not responsible for the care of wigs/ hair extensions after you have altered/worn your wig/hair extensions. Please consult a good professional stylist for proper care.


After your order is complete your wig is packaged, shipped out, and we send you an email shipping confirmation! 


We hope you love your wig!

Also please read all the information on our wigs and our return/exchange policy.